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Caliza white stone

Detail of a slice of white stone limestone extracted from quarries in Sevilla, Spain.

Homogeneous rock with interparticle pores. Its white color is made ​​up of 99% calcite and 1% other minerals. Those can be oxide or quartz.

It is used both indoors and outdoors in warm and cold climates.

Technical characteristics:

- Origin: Portugal

- Color: White

Flexural stregth:

-MV 8,2 MPa (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

-LEV 6,6 MPa (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

-SD 0,8 (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

Flexural stregth after frost ressistance:

-MV 6,8 MPa (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

-LEV 5,1 MPa (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

-SD 0,9 (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

-Number of cycles 48 (EN12371 y NP EN1372)

Water absorption at atmosferic preasure MV 7,0% (EN13755)

Apperent density MV 2290kg/m3 (EN1936)

Open porosity MV 13,4% (EN1936)

Reaction to fire A1 (EN13501-1)

Water absortion by capilarity 64,1 g/m2 s0,5 (NP EN 1925)

Thermal shock resistence:

-Change in Mass MV 0,06% (EN14066)

-Change in dynamic modulus of elasticity MV 14,9% (EN14066)

Abrasion resistance

-MV 25,0mm

-TA Sawed (EN14157)

Slip resistence:

-Dry conditions MV 60 USRV

-Wet conditions MV 61 USRV

-TA sawed (EN14231)

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