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Blanca Paloma

Detail of a slice of Blanca Paloma Limestone extracted from quarries in Sevilla, Spain.

Homogeneous rock with interparticle pores. It is characterized by its white color is made ​​up of 99% calcite and 1% other minerals such as oxide and quartz. It is used both indoors and outdoors in warm and cold climates.

Technical characteristics:

- Municipality: Pedrera

- State: Sevilla

- Color: White

Specific Gravity (UNE 22-182): 2.40

Absorption coefficient (UNE 22-182): 3, 85%

Wicking: 22.31 g/ctn2 s0-5

Porosity accessible to water: 10.04%

Mechanical resistance to compression: 1000.77 Kg/cm2

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