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Granite is one of the more used natural stones in construction for its beauty, durability and multitude of uses. It is one of the iconic stone in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the material we use more in DMGranite.

We are specialized in the use of granites with all types of finishings: Bush-hammered, Honed, Sandblasted, Sawn, Cut, Flamed, Polished, Dotted, Rustic...

We provide all types of products: tiles, pavers, cubes, curbs, steps, stairs, columns, balustrades, benches, fountains and other furnishings. We can also make sculptures on request. Likewise we sell granite tables, blocks...

In DMGranite we can work on mesure or with our catalog and standard models.

We adapt to meet your needs in the most effective way.

Product catalog

Under his order we can find any other grain or color that meets your expectations.

Mineralogical characteristics

Granite is a plutonic rock composed mainly of quartz, feldspar and usually mica. It is the most abundant rock of the continental crust. It is created slowly at a very high pressure by magma with high silica content of the melt rocks under the heat of the mantle.

This magnesium magma containing less  continental crust has a lower specific gravity and thus ascends through this on structures in the form of characteristics which tend to solidify inverted drop before reaching the surface. The size of the feldspar is indicative of the solidification rate and the bigger they are, the lower this. These structures are solidified on the surface by the action of erosion and are called batholiths. Because of their hardness, they often end up being the top of a mountain that is distinguished by its typical round shape.

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