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Crema Marfil

Slice of Crema Marfiil Marble extracted in quarries in Alicante, Spain

Limy re-crystallized of Cambrian age and of thin grain. Good mining. Medium to big blocks.

One of the most used and known marbles in the world. All type of uses and endings.

General Characteristics:

Origin: Elda
Province: Alicante
Colour: Ivory Cream

Apparent specific weight 2.72 grs/cm3

Coeffient of absorption 0.15 %

Porosity 0.10%

Compression strength 122.84 MPa

Flexure strength 19.41 MPa

Friction wear resistance 0,35 mm

Impact strength 42 cms

Knoop Microhardness 1,774.50 MPa

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