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Slate from Villar del Rey

Detail of a slice of Slate from Villar del Rey from Extremadura, Spain

It is a slate with a very smooth and homogeneous surface. There is constituted principally for sericita (70 %) and clorita (15 %). The quarry is one of the most ancient of Spain, and outcrop of slates locates on one vertical subvertical, that has more than 3000 m of longitudinal bullfight and almost 40 m of power. They belong to the unit of the Gévora, of age Devonian Superior.

General Caracteristics:

- Origin: Villar del Rey
- Province: Badajoz
- Colour: Intense black

  • Petrographic description: Sericite slate
  • Resistance to the flexion ( Mpa): 54,26
  • Water absorption (%) 0,13
  • Content(Contained) in carbonates (%) 0,68
  • Exhibition to the dioxide of Sulphur ( SO2) Code S1 (Without superficial change)
  • Test(Essay) of thermal cycle T1 (No change of aspect)
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