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Who We Are

Who we are

DM Granite is a firm with a large experience in selling the best natural stones from Spain and abroad to our clients everywhere in the world.

Why DM Granite

We have exclusivity accords with different producers and craftsmen and we are able to provide more than 100 different natural stones: Granites, Limestones, Marbles, Quartzites, Sandstones, Slates, Soapstone, Travertines...

Give us your requirements and we will fulfil them in the best delays and prices.

What we do

We are specialist in public works, large buildings (hotels, airports, rail stations) and special pieces (public furniture, colons, fountains, statues...).

We have large experience in selling natural stones in Central Europe, Maghreb, Middle East and Central America.

We provide an integral service in the natural stone market: We locate stones, transform them, provide advice and knowledge, suggest designs and endings, manage transport, customs, certifications... we help you make smarter decisions in natural stone.

Where we are

We are based on Extremadura, Spain, because it is one of the best regions for stone in Europe. Extremadura has more than 50 different world class granites, marbles, basalts and slates with huge reserves and still unexploited production sites.

In words of specialists, Extremadura is the stone paradise for the XXIth. Century.

Extremadura is strategically located in one of the points with most concentration and variety of rocks of Europe, between the Alentejo in Portugal, with an incredible tradition in the use of granite and marble, and three regions of Spain with a variety of ornamental stones: Castile and Leon, with large reserves of limestone and granite, Andalucia and Castilla la Mancha, regions with large reserves of granite, marble, limestone, slate, basalt and alabaster.

What do we offer

We provide all kinds of natural stone in any type of finish adapting to the needs of our customers.

We specialize in natural stone from Extremadura, Castile-Leon, Andalusia and Alentejo, though we can find other types of ornamental rocks through our selected suppliers.

We offer a catalog of Granite, Marble, Slate and Limestone, but on request we can offer our clients other ornamental rocks such as Basalt, Alabaster, Sandstone, Quartzite, Onyx ...

We can supply all kinds of finish: Bush-hammered, Honed, Sandblasted, Sawn, Cut, Flamed, Polished, Dotted, Rustic ... in any format: tiles, pavers, cubes, curbs, steps, stairs, columns, balustrades, benches, fountains and other furniture, sculptures, tables, boats, blocks ...

We offer the best solutions in natural stone to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.


Please, contact us to get the best quotes and to be advised on which stone best suits your needs.


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